Selling a motorcycle

Before selling your motorcycle take some time to prepare yourself in order to find a way to maximize your profit.

What to use: internet, labor.

  • Choose the sales strategy that you want to use.
    You can use the internet, the newspaper or you can do fliers.
  • Check which is the value of your motorcycle.
  • Prepare the motorcycle, clean it and make it shine. Check if there are any repairs that are worth being handled.
  • Prepare the title in order to have it available before the sale.
  • If you want to sell the motorcycle via internet, take photos from different angles, in order for the potential buyers to have a clear image of it.
  • Make a description of the motorcycle.
  • You can post fliers in dealerships or motorcycle shops.
  • Pay attention to have the correct contact details. Be prompt when answering to the potential buyers.
  • Establish a bottom line price for the motorcycle and be prepared to receive various offers.
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