Tuning a scooter

What to use: screw driver, air pump, tire gauge, spark plug wrench, feeler or gap gauge, tool pouch that came with scooter.

  • Check the spark plug. Usually scooters have a simple tool kit that can be used for tuning.
  • It’s advisable to have a spare spark plug and a spare head light bulb.
  • Use a wrench to unscrew the spark plug. In case you have a two cycle engine, it’s recommended to purchase 2 new plugs and keep one in case of emergency.
  • Check the threads of the plug and make sure you are replacing the old plug with a similar new plug.
  • Use a gaping tool when you are certain that you have the proper plug.
  • Before placing the new plug, experiment using the old one, by slipping the size gauge into the gap. When you know exactly how to do it, place the new plug and then reconnect the wire.
  • Do a visual inspection, check the lights, the battery and the cables for tension and for wear. In case the battery has dripping acid it’s advisable to change it.
  • Test the scooter by taking a low speed test. If it’s not working OK, you have to ask for help.
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