Checking and diagnosing: the engine light

You need to verify your engine light error in case the computer system of the car finds a defect. This process is also named, in some vehicles, the service engine light and it is federally mandatory. Keep in mind that it is against the federal emissions law to disconnect the checking engine light.


How to Verify The Check Engine Light

  • Check the gas cap to be screwed on properly. There are cases when the check engine light appears because the gas cap is loosen, especially in new model vehicles.
  • In order to find out what is the problem you can address to a local auto parts store. Usually, they read the code out of charge. Moreover, you may as well buy yourself the reader of the diagnostic code.
  • Once you handle the problem defined by the code reader, the light will automatically turn off.

How to Restart the Check Engine Light

  • You can have the check engine light restarted at the service station where you had the defect fixed. Most of the stations restart it for free if you had your car serviced there.  A restart is required if the problem was caused by an oil change or a tune-up.
  • The best way to restart the light is to clear the codes with a code scanner.
  • Another method is to disconnect the battery and connect it back after few minutes. However, this method will reset the OBD-II monitors and will delete some memorized operations that the computer of your car will have to learn it again.
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