Cut the costs for repairing the vehicle

It is highly important to find the proper mechanic when you need to have your car fixed. Since the vehicles are now more developed than the ones from a generation ago, you may spend a fortune when problems occur, as it is a known fact that there are some mechanics that not only they don’t do their job properly and jeopardize your life, but also ask for a lot of money.


What to Use: internet, Better Business Bureau, family and friends, vehicle.

  • Most people have their vehicles repaired at the same shop for years, so it’s a good start to ask your friends or family where do they usually go.
  • Verify if the shop has received any complaints to the local Better Business Bureau.
  • The certifications given by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence are given to technicians that have passed relevant exams. Therefore, you can verify if mechanics with such a certification are working at the shop you want to go to. Usually there is an extra charge of $40 to $50 per hour in this case.
  • Go and check the shop yourself. You can tell whether or not it’s ran by professionals just by taking a look.
  • It’s good to have a written estimation of your repairs, otherwise you may wake up yourself with an escalating repair bill.
  • Go to more shops and ask the owners information related to the method of charging. It could me either straight hourly rate or a book rate. The former method takes into consideration the time spent by the mechanic to fix the vehicle, the latter means that the customer will pay by the book, the time estimated by the book.
  • Ask for a quotation from both the parts and the labor. You may find a better price for the parts at retail stores.
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