Fixing car door locks

Usually the lock of the driver side door breaks down more often than the lock on the passenger door. If the lock is no longer working, you have to replace it. Find bellow instructions on how to change the locks.


What to Use: screwdriver and pliers.

  • Take off the arm rest, then the door panel. While doing this pay attention not to damage the plastic clips. The door handle is fixed with screws, take the screwdriver in order to remove those. The plastic clip can be popped out with a pair of pliers. For the interior handle to swing free, twist the clip.
  • Inside the door you will see the core of the lock. Remove the rod. Don’t remove the door handle assembly until you don’t mark the rod before. Hold the door handle assembly¬† while removing the bolts.
  • In order to release the lock core, move the clip aside the snap ring. Mount the new lock and move the clip back. Then put back the door handle assembly and connect the rod to the core of the lock.
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