Fixing car upholstery

Fixing the holes in upholstery may be quite expensive if you go to a professional. There are some minor holes that you can repair by yourself. Find bellow some directions that can save you money.

What to use: patches, upholstery thread, upholstery or canvas needle, vinyl repair gel.

  • Check the upholstery¬† and see what type of material you need in order to repair it.
  • See if you have to fix a rip or a burn hole. According to the type of problem you have to find a solution.
  • For sewing use a needle that is durable and a bit curved. You can buy upholstery needles from a fabric shop.
  • To sew the damaged area, make a stitch in X form. It’s important to put the stitches as close as possible.
  • If you are sewing vinyl or leather, it is recommended to put upholstery gel over the stitching.
  • After the gel is set, the tear or rip should be sealed. The gel prevents the stretching that may result a new rip.
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