Fixing high car emissions

In order to find out the amount of pollutants produced by your car, you have to go to an official test center for an emissions test. Then, according to the results you can fix the issue.


  • There are 3 important pollutants: carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and hydrocarbons.
    Test your car and see if the emissions are illegal. Use the internet to find an officially authorized center.
  • Try to find the source of the emissions. Usually, if the engine does not burn fuel properly causes more carbon monoxide. If you have an excessive nitrous oxide levels, you should check the fuel delivery system, check if there are any vacuum leaks. Having a malfunctioning ignition system may lead to excessive hydrocarbons levels.
  • To remove the emissions issue, you should change the spark plugs, the rotor, the air filter and the distributor cap.
  • If following the previous step does not fix your problem, then it means that you have a different issue. You should check the combustion chamber of any leaks and the valve seals. Emissions may also occur if there is an oil leak in the engine block.
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