Getting rid of rust

Rust attacks the metal causing weakness and fragility. There are some who complain that metal rusts, but metals only corrode. Only iron can rust.

Rust occurs when iron gets oxidized and forms a series of hydrates iron oxides. This occurs in presence of water/moisture and oxygen.
Automobile parts are most made of iron, therefore they are susceptible to rust, involving high risk of accidents.

Car treatment against rust
Most modern cars are equipped with rust guard. Yet, there are many people who have pre-owned cars that are prone to rust. It’s essential that you apply a rust treatment to your car, even if the car has a rust proof treatment from the factory. Use organic rust remover and rust products to remove the existing rust.

The way rust begins
Rust can occur from a small hole or a minor scratch on the car. The moment the surface coating or the rust proof coating peels off, the metal gets in touch with water and oxygen causing rusting.
Rust is bulky and porous and it contributes to the oxygen and moisture penetration inside. In case the problem is not handled on time, the whole metal body gets rusty.
Small scratches may be considered innocent, but a small amount of rust goes bellow the corrosion-proof emulsion and spreads quite quickly, pushing the coat off.
Stainless steel, which is as strong as iron, is rust-proof. This is the reason why is usually used in the manufacturing of mechanical and automotive parts. However, when the rust-proof coating strips off, rust occurs.

Handling the small scratches in order to prevent rust
It’s recommended to treat the broken off part as soon as possible. In case you cannot go to a mechanic, apply a protective coating. Before applying the coating, remove the rust.
Purchase a scratch repair kit that you can use to repair the minor scratches. In case you don’t find one and you have no solution, apply some nail polish over the bare metal.
In order the bare metal not to come into contact with water, oxygen and moisture, paste a film tape. Anyway, you must fix the scratches and dents immediately, as the film tape is not too powerful.
The best way to fight against rust is to keep your car in a showroom condition, to keep it in a good condition. Pay attention when you park your car, as most scratches and damages occur while parking.

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