Means to fix car fenders

The fixing of a fender on your car depends on the size of the damage made. Also, according to its size you will know what tools you will be using. It may take a lot of tome to fix it in case is the damage is big, or it may take less time if the damage is not that big.
In case the dent is small, you can keep the fender on. Otherwise you might need to remove the fender in order to fix it.


What to Use: jack, jack stands, lug wrench, wrench, screwdriver, a suction cup of type hand-held, hammer and dolly, vice-grip pliers.

Taking off the Fender

  • It’s recommended to have a good support for the end of the car when using the jack to raise the damaged end of the car.
  • Take off the wheel and open the hood and the door on the damaged side. Install the  fasteners that you are going to need for the fender.
  • Use a screwdriver, Torx wrench or lug wrench to remove the splash shield.
  • Use a steady stick to support the hood in order to be able to disconnect all the parts that are connected to it.
  • Use a normal wrench or a Torx/Allen wrench to remove the fasteners of the fender which can be found in the external edge of the engine compartment.
  • Avoid scratching any other part of the car while lifting the fender off the car body. Two people may be need to help you with this operation.

Fixing the Dents

  • When the fender is connected to the car, pull on the dent using a large suction cup with a handle to pull the dent outward. Begin at the outer edges of the dent and then work your way inward.
  • In order to avoid protrusions, pound the dent using a hammer. perform small taps rather than long ones. Do this on the center of the dent.  When using a heavy hammer, the other side should be supported with a dolly.
  • Using vice-grip pliers, bend back the bent fenders.
  • Once the fixing is completed, install the fender back onto the car in case you removed it.
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