Means to fix car glass

Car windows easily get chips and cracks from rocks that may be thrown by other passing cars or trucks. Most people believe that once the glass is cracked there is no other alternative but to change it. This is not always the case, as there are means to easily fix the cracks at home.
All you need is time and some materials that you can purchase from any car parts store.


What to Use: device for repairing the windshield crack containing suction cups, razor blade, 2 rags, hairdryer.

  • Use the razor blade to collect the loose glass chips.
  • Use a damp rag to clean the area.
  • If it’s necessary use the hairdryer to completely remove the existing water in the crack. Use a clean rag as well.
  • Position the suction cups to the center of the crack.
  • Tightly secure the tube before inserting it into the suction cups.
  • Put the material that you are using to repair the cracks into the tube.
  • Put the plunger into the tube and push it. The pressure will squirt the repair material at the basis of the crack.
  • After 1 minute take off the tube and the cups. Make sure that the crack is fully filled with material.
  • Use the film that you have in the repairing device. Lay it over the crack.
  • To flatten the film and the material use the razorĀ  blade. Push the excess material into the unfilled areas of the crack.
  • Let the material to fully dry for about 15 minutes.
  • Take off the film.
  • Remove all the material that it’s in excess with the razor blade.
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