Repairing a safety switch

A neutral safety switch prevents the car from starting while is still in gear. It is usually placed under the clutch.

What to use: wire cutters/splicers, open-end box-end wrench, flat-tip screw drivers, Phillips-head screw driver, test light, wire connectors (22 gauge), flash light, fuse, safety glasses.

  • Pull the parking brake and check if the car is out of gear. Push the seat back in order for you to have enough room to work.
  • Verify the safety switch fuse. If it’s not working replace it. If it’s OK, you have to find the switch under the clutch. In case the safety switch  screws are loose, tighten them and then see if the problem is fixed.
  • Use a digital volt/ohm reader and test the continuity of the wires connected to the safety switch. In case you find a wire that has infinite ohms, replace it. Both wires should have low ohms under 12 volts while the key on.
  • Adjust the distance between the clutch pedal and the sensor according to the service manual.
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