Repairing squirters of a car

The system for washing the windshield is ran by the motor pump that exists under the hood, either on the reservoir or near it. In case it’s not working, you can fix it easily. All you have to do is to test the pump, the hoses and the squirters.

What to use: 12 V test light.

  • See where the windshield washer reservoir is placed under the hood. Many cars have this reservoir by the firewall, nearby the wipers mechanism or to a side of the engine compartment. The electric motor of the pump can be found either on the tank, or next to it.
  • Firstly, verify the level of the fluid in the washer tank. Next, switch on the ignition. Leave the engine turned off. Activate the washer pump and listen the motor. In case you are not able to hear the motor working, follow the next step, if not, skip it.
  • Check the voltage. You need someone to activate the washer pump while the ignition switch is on and the engine is off. Link a 12 volt test light to a good ground on your vehicle, such as a metal bracket on the engine, for checking the back of the wires. Don’t verify the black wire. In case the test light glows, you have to replace the motor pump system. If you have a GM vehicle, the pump can be rebuild using a kit for valve repair. In case the light does not glow, the damage is either at the washer switch or somewhere in the circuit and you should have your car inspected by an automotive electrician.
  • Verify the connections and the condition of the lines and hoses that can be found between the pump and the washer nozzles. Make the necessary repairs.
  • Take one hose and disconnect it from the nozzle. Turn the hose aside you and ask someone to activate the washer switch. In case the washer fluid comes out through the line, either clean or replace the nozzle.
  • Take the hose that is the closest to the motor pump system and disconnect it. Ask somebody to turn on the washer pump. In case fluid comes out, then you have to search for an obstruction somewhere along the lines and hoses. Otherwise, replace the pump. In case you own a GM car, use a valve repair kit to fix it.
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