Saving money when going to the auto repair shop

Bellow you will find some tips for saving money when having your car serviced.


  • Even if most people consider the dealership to be the best service, you should know the fact that there are many independent auto service shops that can offer even a better service at a lower price.
  • Try to find which would be the best service shop for repairing your car before needing it.
    This will prevent you from choosing the closest one just because you need your car fixed immediately.
  • In order to be able to find the right service, you should go to different shops for small things, such as oil change, belt replacement or tune-ups. In this way you get to know the way they work and you will be able to start a relationship. It’s advisable to go to a shop that is specialized in your vehicle type in order not to waste time. Keep in mind the fact that you are going to be charged by hour, so it would be in your advantage to go to a place where the issue can be found straight away.
  • Purchasing the parts and go with them at the auto repair shop to fix your car it’s more often than not more expensive in the long run, than without taking them. Most auto service shops have commercial accounts with the parts store and thus they buy the parts much cheaper. Moreover, when you go to a service with your own part, they will only give you warranty for the labor, not for the part. Thus, in case the part brakes down, you will have to go back to the service shop in order to uninstall it and pay for the labor. Then, after you will change the part you will have to install it again, meaning another charge.
  • It’s advisable not to purchase the spare parts by yourself and to let the repair shop to do it because they will know exactly the types of parts you need. The moment you become a loyal customer, the mechanics will get to know your vehicle and moreover you will get a better deal.
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