Steps to fix a vehicle that is sluggish

Spark plug wires may cause many problems to your vehicle. Therefore, the malfunction of the vehicle, the slugging and chugging when accelerating on hills or even when driving normally can be produced at the ignition system by the spark plug wires.


Items to Use: disposal for spraying, water, a light source (lamp, flashlight etc.


  • The first step to analyze the issue is to remove the hood of the engine compartment in order to find the distributor cap and the engine plug wires. It would be easier to do this on daylight, however, you may encounter the problem during nighttime, so you should have at hand an illumination source. This technique may not be useful for newer vehicles because instead of distributor caps they have coil packs.
  • The following step would be to water the distributor cap and the plug wires with a spraying disposal. This operation can be performed with a running engine or while parking which implies having the emergency brake on. DO NOT FORGET, YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST!
    While the engine is started, you have to search for an electricity arc at the plug wires and the distributor cap. Watch the components that are moving (such as belts or cooling fan) very carefully. You can be easily injured/burned because the parts heat up very quickly.
  • When the vehicle runs roughly and when you see an arc it means that either the plug wires or the distributor cap are defect. You can spray several times in case you don’t see an arc, but do not exceed the quantity of water because this may cause the stall of different components, either electrical or mechanical.
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