Sun Visor - fixing a loose sun visor

Owners usually do not pay too much attention to their cars unless a problem occurs. Even the basic items of the car are ignored, such as the sun visor.

Sun visors are extremely important as they protect the eyes of the driver from the sun brightness, contributing thus to our safety.

If the sun visor is defect, then the driver may be exposed to the risk of not being able to see the road. From time to time, everyday wear makes the sun visor to be loosen. See bellow how easily it is for a driver to fix it.


What to Use: screwdriver – Philips head, tissue, petroleum jelly.

  • Take off the sun visor by loosening the screw. In case your car has the sun visor differently mounted, check the instructions in the user manual.
  • Use a clean tissue to wipe the support rod.
  • Use the petroleum jelly in a very small quantity to lubricate the rod.
  • Mount the sun visor back by tightening the screw.
petroleum jelly, protect the eyes, sun visor, support rod, tighten the screw, user manual