Benefits of the centrifugal clutch

Using the centrifugal force to engage the gears, they are normally found in lawnmowers and go-karts. The axle spins the wheels while it is connected to the drive shaft with the clutch. The clutch actually works like this: as they spin the pads inside the clutch push outward on the hub which next pushes on the sprocket that finally spins the drive train resulting in the moving if the machine.

The automatic clutch is the easier for the machine operator because it requires no control mechanism. Also the engine will constantly be at peak torque.

This type of clutch prevents the engine to stop so there is no need for much braking force on the engine. The driver doesn’t have to slip the clutch because it is done automatically and until it is tuned correctly the clutch won’t slip.

There is no reason a centrifugal clutch won’t last as long as maintenance is performed.

The centrifugal clutch is the primary choice in clutches because of its lower cost and ease to install.

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