Learn to change the brake shoes

In the 20th century the cars were manufactured with rear drum brakes. The car stopped because of the pressure applied to the interior of o drum by the hydraulically operated shoes.  Because of its use the materials wear out easily needing a replacement.

Follow these steps:

  1. Using a floor jack raise the car on the side wanted. For more safety place a pedestal under the frame.
  2. Rotate the lug nuts counterclockwise and remove the wheel.
  3. Release the drum by pulling it or turning the keeper screw counterclockwise. The keeper screw is on the front of the drum like an off center bolt. Don’t worry if there is few debris or dust.
  4. Lever the long springs using a screwdriver to remove the shoes. Then slide it away. Take advantage of this occasion to replace the long springs and see leaks in the wheel cylinder.
  5. Slide the shoes onto the brake assembly and turn the primary spring bolt clockwise to replace the shoes. With a screw driver or spring tool attach the long springs to the shoe hooks.
  6. Now replace the drum
  7. The next step is to bleed the brake. After turning the purge nipple from the back of the brake mount plate counterclockwise press the brake pedal to fill the master cylinder. Do this until the fluid is golden yellow and fluid.
  8. Now replace the wheel and fix the lug nuts.
  9. Get the vehicle down.
  10. Do the same for the rest of the wheels.
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