If you have a new car, the first think you should do is to decorate it with different automotive accessories. There are several vehicle stores nationwide and many automotive stores where you can find various accessories for any type of vehicle.

The car covers are the most common accessories people buy.

The car covers, dash trim, brush guards and splash guards, protect your investment.

In this way you can also protect the car from falling objects, debris, dirt or dust that can ruin your car. Moreover, it protects the car from the sun rays, tree sap, pollution, snow, ice or bird poop.

Dash trim is another accessory that you should have. It’s made from velor and you can trim the dashboard for a new look. It’s available in different colors. The dash trim protects the dashboard against cracking and it can lessen the glare of sun.

In case you have a 4×4 car, you should buy brush guards, as you are likely to drive fro an off-road test or on roads where the standard cars don’t go. In this way you will protect the car against dents and shuttering the headlamps. The brush guards are made from stainless steel.

Splash guards is another accessory that you can purchase. It is made from durable materials and it’s meant to guarantee the you have an artifact.

There are about 500 accessories for the car that can be purchased in retail stores. Anyway, pay attention because there are accessories that fit to a certain car type.

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