Bad linkage

Cars can have automatic or manual transmission. The role of the clutch is to disconnect the wheel from the engine in order to be able to stop the car without stopping the engine. This process involves a lot of friction so the clutch can wear out eventually.

Let’s describe these some of problems a clutch can have:

  1. Slipping. A big problem. Because of the friction, the disc wears out and it’s destroyed. It’s almost the same thing as the brake discs. Because of the wearing it comes the slipping and the wheels stop getting power from the engine.
  2. Sticking. This happens when the clutch remains pushed. The gear will be unable to shift. it happens from time to time that the linkage won’t work properly, leading to too much force going into the clutch
  3. More problems can occur. Sometimes it’s required a very big force to push the pedal. This could happen because of the bad linkage or sticking, cable problems, a worn-out pivot ball. Or it could be from the clutch’s hydraulic system. A hard clutch is identified with noise when the clutch engages.
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