Cheap rental price

When moving to a new location it’s quite stressful, because not only you have to worry about paying for the new location and packing up your goods, but you also have to think about the moving costs. The key to get the best costs is to shop around.

  • Make a list with the items that you need to move.
    Pay attention to the size of things, because if you have large objects, you’ll need a larger van. Rental companies have vans and trucks of different sizes available. Therefore, start with establishing the amount of items you will move.
  • See which is the mileage between the current location and the final destination, because there are moving van rental companies usually charge per mile. You can find out the information using an online mapping service.
  • See how much would the gas cost. There are some rental companies that require you to fill the gas tank when you return the van.
  • Use the internet and find some moving van companies in order to be able to find the one that has the best rates. Check the initial flat rate and the per-mile fee.
  • After you find the company with the best rate, tale into consideration the proximity of the rental locations not only to the starting point, but also to the final destination. In case a company has the best rate overall, but the locations are not close to you, the price can be drastically increased by the mileage.
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