Customize trucks

1. Rubber
Rubber body mounts are found on almost all stick trucks because they provide comfort and also stability, roll control and cost. Their flaw is that they are sensible to water and chemicals.
As they age the rubber mounts actually offer more comfort but they also provoke annoying body roll and sway.

2. Polyurethane

They actually offer the same level of ride quality as rubber mounts even though they are known to be used on race-car-like rides. They are shaped like an accordion because of the hardness of the polyurethane.  Their quality is that are very resistant to water and chemicals making them a top choice for stock replacement applications.

3. Fluid filled Mounts

This is the best choice for now offering top comfort and body control. This type of body mount is not more than normal poly mount but filled with highly viscous glycol. The only problem is the price, a lot bigger than the previous types mentioned.

4. Spring Mounts

The only extra thing to this type is the adjust-ability level. The best choice for owners obsessed with perfect customization, offering a huge variety of stiffness levels. They are also a top choice for trucks with very long cabs.

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