Customize vehicle

Trucks have fenders over the wheels to protect them from debris, or they may be installed on the exterior of the truck. They are those long pieces of metal or plastic. Even though they are not such a big accessory of the truck, you can really change the aspect of the truck if you customize them.

Very easy to install are the flared fenders.

Follow these steps:

  1. First buy your fender flares. They are usually of a universal size. You will notice the pre-drilled holes on its surface and also hardware pack. These have screws, nuts and washers.
  2. Now using a power drill with a metal rill bit, drill holes on your fender through the ones already on the flares, after you fix the flares into position.
  3. Through the holes just drilled, insert the screws. Over the other side of the screw put a washer. Now hold down the screw with a wrench and install the nut on top of it. Do this for all the screws.
  4. Apply the same procedure to the other fenders.
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