Monster truck

Monster trucks are those trucks that have large tires and an over-sized suspension, usually used as conversation pieces or as show cars. To create a monster truck a great investment and a lot of work are required. Usually the monster trucks are units with 4-wheel-drive.

What to use: donor truck body, wheels and tires, power train parts, suspension, engine and transmission, mechanic’s garage.

  • Firstly you need to find a donor body, preferably a full-sized truck, 4-wheel-drive. Mini trucks can also be suitable but there might be a problem with fitting a large GM . The donor truck body should have an engine and transmission because some of he parts and mounting brackets will be reused.
  • Stat selecting the parts that are needed for the conversion of the truck. You can find such parts either via the internet or in off-road and 4-wheel-drive periodicals. You need to find parts that work together.
  • Begin with the front and the rear suspension. A lower gear ration is needed in case the steering axles and rear differential must be ruggedized. The front and the rear differentials must be geared the same in order not to damage the costly components. The suspension will be raised to 3-8 feet, implying longer drive-shafts because the distance between the transfer case and the differentials will be increased.
  • After you upgraded the suspension, steering and related components, find tires that match them. Tires that match a particular application are much easier to be found. Remember that building a monster truck¬† you need to invest a great amount of money. However, if you have a low budget, and you build the truck around tires and wheels your options will be limited.
  • For a heavy-duty use upgrade the engine, transmission and the transfer-case components. For building the engine, you will probably need a supercharger that includes lower-compression pistons, particular camshafts and increased-capacity oil pans. You need an upgraded engine in order to supply the horsepower that is needed in order to move the monster truck, as it will be harder to move due to the over-sized tires.
  • The component of the driver should have roll bars or a safety cage installed. Moreover, you must have a switch for emergency fuel-cutoff. Most trucks have an emergency button for killing the fuel supply in case of rollover.¬† It’s advisable to install superior seat-bells, like 5-point racing harness.
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