Quality car vinyl graphics

What are vinyl graphics? They are the new way of improving your cars look, with a custom made design that sticks to your car and stays like that very long time. It’s easy to use and can be removed easily.

But all this requires some attention from you, so you have to perform maintenance to the graphic, repairing it, washing it.

  1. Repair the peeling

If the sticker starts to peel then start taking action about it. Use a soft rag to wipe the vinyl decor. You must remove any dirt, this way the graphics won’t peel more.

Use something hard, made of plastic, like a credit card to press the graphic back. The parts that won’t stick any more should be cut down with a pair of scissors. Finally stick the graphic back with the plastic scraper.

2. Wash the graphic

Keeping the graphic clean is harder than keeping the car clean. First identify a car wash that offers self-service, if no one is available then search one with soft touch washing

Using a roller, a high-pressure hose, or a pressure washer will damage the graphic.

In the case you find a self-service car wash mix a gallon of cold water with half a cup of car wash liquid. Use this to wash your car. In the end rinse it using cold water and dry the car.

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