Rear drum brake

If you adjust your rear drum brakes regularly you can keep the pedal’s height at the normal level. Besides it’s also good for the general health of your brakes and emergency brake. If you have a Mustang with disc brakes the adjusting is done automatically.

Follow these steps:

  1. Put both in the front and the back of the front wheels the wheel chocks. Using a floor jack raise the car at the level where the jack stands fit beneath the car. Get the car on the stands next to the rear axles.
  2. Set the gear into neutral with the emergency brake disengaged
  3. Behind the rear wheels you will find the backing plates. Toward the bottom of it, it will be the adjustment plug. Remove it.
  4. This you will have to do the every wheel.  Inside the hole in the plate put a screwdriver and turn the self adjuster upwards. While doing this turn the rear wheel in a forward direction. If you feel a slight drag when you spin the wheel it means the adjustment is done. Put back the plug and take off the screwdriver.
  5. Set the car to park and get down the car off the stands. Drive the car a little to test the brakes. Also check the parking brake. The parking brakes should click for no more than 6 times and the brake pedal should be higher.
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