Visco elastic properties

There are many new inventions that make things much more easier than they used to be, like super computers, airplanes, and currently acrylic foam tape. The oldest adhesive tape sold in the market is the scotch tape. In time, the adhesive tapes have been innovated so that nowadays, there are tapes that can be used for various purposes.

Acrylic foam tape is made from acrylic and foam, it’s strong and durable. Its main use is for packing, such as shipping cartons, parcels or boxes. It is also  used for sealing electrical wiring and duct-work, or strap containers.

Moreover, the foam tape is used in the automotive industry because it allows accessories and trims to be firmly sticked onto the vehicle parts. Before using the foam tape, the metal fasteners were used. These fasteners are strong and sturdy but they cause the development of rust.

Acrylic foam tape is preferred not only because there is no risk of rust development, but also because its material withstands high temperatures. Because of this feature the stress in the trims and accessories is reduced the moment the vehicle moves or expands because of heat.
The acrylic foam tape is also used to stick nuts and bolts onto the vehicle because it allows for a flat and smooth surface.

The quality of solar panels can be increased with the use of acrylic tape. The life cycle and the productivity can be increased due to the possibility to seal the edges, bond the frames and mount the junction box.

Acrylic tapes last for a long time and they are affordable. The foam resists to almost any exerted force and due to its visco elastic properties, the tape can easily adjust and flex to any type of surface. You can find the tape in different widths and sizes.

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