Adjusting the electric brakes on your camper

You have two things to work at: the star wheel that connects the two brake shoes and the brake unit. The electric brakes only serve for slowing down the trailer using an electromagnet that when engaged it attaches mechanically to the brake shoes that sloe the trailer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Plug the trailer to the tow vehicle and block all the wheels except the one working on.
  2. Identify the brake controller unit in the tow vehicle that controls the electric current to the trailer.
  3. Set the current power to maximum
  4. Check the trailer to see if all the axles have brakes.
  5. After deciding which wheel you start with, lift that part of the trailer with a floor jack and place it on stands.
  6. Use a screw driver to take off the rubber plug from the bottom of the brake show backing plate, located behind the wheel.
  7. Through the hole where the star wheel is located insert a flat head screwdriver to adjust it. While rotating the wheel forward tight the star wheel until you feel pressure applied to the wheel. The same procedure applies to the other wheels.


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