Boat trailer brakes bleeding process

As boating becomes a popular hobby, it’s important to ensure a safe trip with the boat trailer. And because of several factors the brakes on the trailer may not perform well, in which case you need to bleed them and replace the brake fluid.

Follow these steps:

  1. Pour new fluid in the master cylinder
  2. Connect the bleeder valve of the wheel cylinder of the furthest brake and a glass container with a bleeder hose.
  3. Ask an assistant to depress the rod assembly with a slotted screwdriver after you loosen the brake bleeder screw. After this brake fluid and any air will pour out.
  4. Take away the hose and tighten back the screw. Check the master cylinder. It shouldn’t be less than half full
  5. After bleeding all brakes refill the master cylinder. Take the trailer to a brake test.
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