Building a travel trailer

A travel trailer is perfect for hauling around building supplies or for transporting snowmobiles. It is also good in case you own a lawn care company. But, unfortunately, the travel trailer prices are daunting.
Yet, you might as well consider building your trailer by yourself. The greatest advantage of building the trailer by your own is the fact that you know the capacity that you need, thus you can make and customize it accordingly, spending less time and money.

What to use: electric saw, lengths of 2″ X 4″ X 1/4″ box steel for frame, welding tools, axle kit (torsion axles recommended), suspension system, tongue (length of square tubing), trailer hitch, 1″ solid round bar, fenders, tires, 2′ x 8′ oak planks for decking.

  • If you know how to work with CAD program you can design the trailer. To start you have to draw up the schematics and to find a blueprints variety via the internet. The trailers that are 5-foot wide are standard.
  • Take an axle kit that corresponds to the weight capacity that you need to haul and choose the suspension system that fits your requirements, such as leaf spring, torsion bar. This has to match both the height of the hitch and the width of the trailer frame.
  • You need steel. In case you have the proper tools, you can cut the steel by yourself, if not, address to someone who is able to help you cut the material.
  • Check if the axle of the trailer fits beneath the frame before welding the frame. Tackle the welds, check the frame. The frame has to be flat and uniform to balance.
  • You have to maximize the ability to tilt in case of loading or unloading. Thus place the axle next to the center of gravity, 6″ behind the center of the frame. The tires have to be mounted. Verify if the axle, it has to be square and centered. You need a uniform distance between the hitch and each wheel. Use C clamps and attach the axle to the frame.
  • Install the tongue to a crossbar facing the axle. In order for the trailer to pivot you need to reinforce gussets mounted between mounting tabs. Control the tilting and fit the trailer with the suspension system by welding a latch in the center of the tongue.
  • With small rods and low heat, apply fenders. Use angle iron to reinforce the fenders. The side rails of the trailer and the vertical side braces are created by welding together the sections of angle iron.
  • You need some oak planks for building the trailer’s floor. The deck must be secured to the iron framework.
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