Keep your RV trailer’s brakes in good shape

Even though not all trailers are legally required to have brakes installed, it’s just better to do, because it gives more safety to the tow vehicle. Also perform regular maintenance to the brakes to have them working properly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Park the trailer on a proper working surface with access to all wheels, and decide on which part to work first.
    Bloch the opposite wheels with chocks.
  2. Using a floor jack you will lift the part of the car working on, and then fix the trailer on jack stands, keeping in mind the recommended jacking points of the trailer.
  3. On the brake backing plate you will see the rubber bung housed in the receiver. Take the brake adjuster tool and put it inside the receiver to connect with its teeth.
  4. Start and push down the tool to exert pressure while the brake shoe connects with the brake drums. Stop when the wheel cannot be moved anymore.
  5. Check the trailer’s manual to see how many times to back up the adjuster. It may be 8 times but this is just the most common case. Try again to spin the wheel. It should spin freely with just a little resistance.
  6. Get a new rubber bung and mount it.
  7. The same steps apply to the other wheels.


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