Learn to adjust a trailer's brakes

Your camper’s brakes need adjustment regularly. The first service interval is 500 km for a new trailer and again every 5000 km. First make your initial brake adjustment, and then adjust the over-rider cable and handbrake.

Follow these steps:

  1. Park the trailer and start fixing the wheels with chocks to prevent movement while working.
  2. Lift the side of the trailer you want to work on and place it on a jack stand.
  3. Find the star shaped adjuster screw located in the brake backing plate after you remove the rubber plug. Insert your brake adjusting tool inside.
  4. Decide which way you have to spin the wheel in order to tighten the brakes. Keep spinning until you feel resistance and then back off so that the wheel can rotate freely.  Put the rubber plug back and get the trailer off the jack stand.
  5. Apply the same steps for the other wheels and brakes.
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