Learn to adjust your trailer’s electric brakes

To efficiently stop the car when towing a trailer you should install supplemental braking. To help with the braking the trailer has electric brakes that work with the towing vehicle brakes, using an electronic brake module. Therefore if you want to adjust the electric brakes you do it through this module.

Follow these steps:

  1. Hitch the trailer to the car while connecting both the safety chains and electrical connector. Get the trailer ready for road.
  2. Get the brakes warmed up a little by driving at least a quarter of mile
  3. Get a speed of 25 miles per hour and slide the brake module lever to the right to apply the trailer brakes. It should slow down gradually.
  4. If the brakes don’t slow the entire rig adjust their sensitivity using the thumb wheel from the brake module. Rotate it in a clockwise direction for stronger brakes.
  5. Now accelerate again to 25 miles per hour and press the brakes pedals. If the brakes are to tight rotate the thumb wheel counterclockwise.
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