Purchasing a vintage travel trailer

In order for a trailer to be considered vintage it has to be 25 years old or more. A motor-home is vintage if it’s 20 years old or more.

What to use: appreciation of vintage Trailers and all thing vintage, pioneer spirit, sense of fun.

  • Go to a vintage trailer rally. Usually the vintage trailers don’t have the modern conveniences that we are used to. Address to the owners and ask questions as they love to talk about their vehicles. You can find information about the dates and location of the rallies via the internet.
  • Think if you would be comfortable with a trailer without a bathroom. Usually the vintage trailers don’t have bathrooms. Moreover they don’t have water supplies. Thus, it’s important to know your comfort level.
  • You have to see plenty of trailers before making a choice. Use the internet and check the trailers web sites.
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