Steps for adjusting the brakes on camper trailers

It is normal for camping trailers to have electric drum brakes installed. They activate using an electric controller installed in the tow vehicle that feels the pressure applied to the brake pedal. It seems absolutely normal that the brakes should be constantly adjusted.

Follow these steps:

  1. After deciding on what wheel you will work on, block the opposite ones with chocks
  2. Lift the part of the trailer you work on using a hydraulic or scissor jack just so the wheel is off the ground.
  3. Free the access hole on the backing plate of the rubber access plug.
  4. Using a flat screwdriver, find the star wheel inside the access hole. Start rotating the wheel in forward direction while rotating the star wheel clockwise. Stop when you start to feel pressure on the wheel.
  5. Now rotate the star wheel in opposite direction while still rotating the wheel until it moves with just a slight pressure on.
  6. Now the job is done. Put back the rubber access plug and lower the trailer to the ground
  7. Repeat the steps to the other brakes


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