Comparing moving van companies

If you need a moving van company, make sure you chose a reliable, reputable and trustworthy one, because you will entrust them you possessions. Keep in mind that no matter the distance, a moving van company will cost you a lot of money.


  • Decide what kind of services you need.
    You can rent only the van and do the moving yourself, or you can hire workers to pack up your things and to take the van to the other location.
  • Decide which is the date for the move. Usually vans are cheaper and easier to rent at the beginning of the month and during the middle of the week. The explanation is that most people usually move at the end of the month, due to rent.
  • Ask for quotes from different companies. You can do this on the phone or via the internet. Find 2 or 3 companies that have better quotes and ask for more specific details.
  • Check if there are any complaints against the moving van company. You can find this information at the Better Business Bureau or at the state attorney general’s office. In case there were complains, eliminate the option.
  • Address to your insurance company and see if the insurance covers for you driving a moving van. In case you don’t have such insurance, buy insurance through the rental company. See which is the company’s policy regarding lost or damaged items.
  • Make a plan for packing the fragile goods. There are some companies that offer their boxes. Ask if there are any discounts in case of purchasing a certain amount of supplies.
  • Don’t wait too long to select a company because you might get higher prices. Yet, before committing to a company, try to negotiate one more time. Most companies lower the price in order to match to the concurrence.
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