Renting a truck with a driver

Finding a truck rental company that responds to your needs can be quite a difficult thing to find, not to mention when you also need a driver that can safely drive your truck to the right place. Find bellow some tips for finding the best option.


  • Start searching rental companies that provide drivers as well.
    You can find such companies via the internet or in the Yellow Pages.  Make a list with your findings.
  • Call each rental company from the list and ask information about their rates, truck sizes and their drivers’ credentials. In case a company hesitates to give you this information, it’s a sign of warning.
  • Ask each rental company about the type of training their drivers have. Driving a truck is not that easy, and the drivers must know certain techniques, like proper steering, reducing speed, be cautious when passing other cars. The truck rental companies should have drivers that took courses in truck driving safety and who have clean driving record.
  • It’s advisable to visit the rental company before renting. You have to make sure that the trucks are in good condition, with no body damage. Ask any questions to the stuff and see if they are courteous and respectful.
  • When you are visiting the company, see if you can meet some of the drivers. A friendly conversation can help you find out important information. Ask questions related to their training and their experience. If you find something suspicious, go to a different company. Simply trust your instinct.
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