Selling a used commercial truck

Selling a used commercial truck is similar to selling any other type of vehicle. You have to have all the necessary documentation and legally transfer ownership the moment you sell the vehicle. You can post the truck on a website or publications that are suited for the best presentation in order for you to sale it quickly.

Determining the value

  • Collect the basic information about the vehicle, like make, model, year and mileage.
  • Collect all documentation, that is owner’s manual, registration, title or any other relevant papers.
  • Have the truck inspected in order to know its condition, like paint discoloration, chips or dents.
  • Have the documents including the accident history and the repairs.
  • Have documents relating the routine maintenance, like oil changes, tires’ condition or replaced filters.
  • Make a comparison with other trucks that are being sold and see which would be the selling price- The price should be between the highest and the lowest prices that you can find.

Advertising the truck

  • Publish your advertisement in the local newspaper or other related publications.
  • Go to the local commercial dealerships and see if they can help you. They can either buy the truck or help with the advertising.
  • Post the truck on free websites.
  • Make fliers containing the relevant information and a photo and post them in truck stops or at parts store.
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