A new color for car accessories - pink!

Here are some pink car accessories. Just pick your favorite.

– Betty Boop.

Being one of the most famous animated characters with a lot of sex appeal, this character is presented as a confident sassy young girl very rebel and always arguing with her parents.

– Hello Kitty. She is a feline but she represents a female, a Japanese Bobtail Cat, being a representation of strength, dignity and poise. She became a fashion statement because of Mariah Carey

– Marilyn Monroe. A star from the past being a legend on the silver screen she represents glamor and beauty.

– Super girl. It’s the counterpart of Superman, a comic book character, a female that is individual, strong and motivated, proving that female do not depend on the power of men.

– I love Lucy. Very ambitious and nave always getting into trouble, she is adored by everyone

– Urban Princess. A bad female with a skull and a crossbone, only sweet when needed.

betty boop, hello kitty, pink car accessories, supergirl