Avoiding air bubbles when placing window decals

You can really improve the cars look using decals, but having air trapped under the decal can look very ugly and destroy all look. It will take you just a few minutes to read this tips and avoid destroying a good looking decal.

Follow these steps:

  1. First clean the window good with water and cleaner.
  2. First position the decal in place with a few pieces of tape, in the place you want to glue it. Verify the position.
  3. Now take a marker and mark some edges of how the decal is arranged now. Don’t make big lines; just a few dots are enough.
  4. Now remove the tape holding the decal, and peel off the backing from the decal.
  5. Place the decal on the marked edges, starting from one corner. While advancing with the decal remove the backing in the same time and press the decal hard. When air gets trapped, go back a little and glue it again. This is it.
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