Car window tint repairing steps

Even though it seems impossible, a person with ordinary knowledge about at-home projects can repair car window tint. In 6 easy steps you can create a patch, just be patient enough. The result will be perfect.

Follow these steps:

  1. First remove the damaged film carefully, all of it. Mark the damaged film with a square. Then slice around the perimeter of the marked area with a razor blade and carefully lift one corner of the sliced film and remove it.
  2. Now you must soften and loosen the film. For this you need to use the water spray to moisten the edges of the cut area. In case you spray too much water, absorb it with a clean cloth or towel.
  3. Now with the razor blade, remove the film by sliding it under until all of it is out of the surface.
  4. Clean the glass from under the film you just removed with water and a clean towel.
  5.  Get a new piece of film exactly the same as the old one and cut a piece of it so it is just 1 inch larger than the piece you just cut. Spray some water on the glass. Now put the new film in place of the old one. With a damp sponge press on the new piece of film to remove any air bubbles old film from under it.
  6. Where the new film gets over the old film, place a straightedge and follow it with a razor to cut through the layers of film. Do this for all the sides. After that eliminate the old pieces of film and fix the new one in place. With a sponge press the new film gently to eliminate all the air bubbles and moisture.
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