Choose between the 3 types of headlight bulbs.

You never know when a lightning bulb will blow, and you won’t even be the first to notice. It will always be the other drivers. So what do you have to do when this happens? How do you make your lights last longer?

The three main types of bulbs are halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs and the heavy duty bulbs that last long.

The bright the light the fewer it will last; this is a thing to remember.

The car usually comes from factory installed with the standard halogen bulbs. They tend to last around 350 to 400 hours of usage and give a pretty good performance.

The newer, xenon ones make a light 90% brighter then the halogen ones using xenon gas, a thing better for night driving, but they last somewhere around 250 hours.

Now, the last type, also the longer lasting, is the heavy duty bulbs. With a running lifetime between 500 and 600 and producing light as better as halogen bulbs, this is the best choice if you have a little extra to spend on.

Never forget to change both bulbs, even though only one has blown, because it is very probable the other will follow.

In the end, when it comes to installing the bulbs, definitely wear gloves. Bear hands may leave a grease spot that will create a hot spot and ultimately reduce the life of the lights.

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