Comparison between Halogen and Xenon

Many people still think halogen headlights offer them enough light to drive safe at night; but there’s much more to be discussed about this. Is it really worthy an investment in Xenon headlights? Well, let’s see.

The history of halogen bulbs starts a long time ago, and it was thought it will still continue.

This is because their low price and easiness to install and replace. The lights use up the more you use them but with such a low cost, it seems affordable to change them so often.

Now on the other hand, the xenon headlights cost a lot more. It’s not safe to change them by yourself because of the sealed chamber filled with xenon gas, so you may need a professional to do the job. But despite all this, xenon headlights last from 5 to 10 years the same interval a person keeps a car.

But the reality speaks for itself. No man who had the chance to see for himself what it means to drive with xenon at night will ever choose halogen lights again. The light is white and bright and it is somewhere alike daylight.

So in the end you are the one who can decide what you like, of course after trying both options.

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