Customize your trucks interior

Use seat covers. In the case of just buying a new truck and wanting to keep it new, you should consider covering the seats with a set of seat covers.

Usually no one is happy enough with the factory seat covers, as standard models don’t offer custom interiors.

And besides getting a new set of covers will enhance the appearance of your truck and make it more original.

There are a lot of materials to choose from, like denim, sheepskin, vinyl or leather. The best thing is to create your own personalized design.

At one moment you will face yourself in the situation where you want to protect your seats from muddy boots, sticky fingers sharp animal nails, so, you will need some waterproof covers.

The type of covers you choose depends on things like the seat type. It could be bucket, high back, fitted headrest, adjustable headrest, captain’s chair plain bench or other. In the end you will choose one cover that suits you and your vehicle.

Another protector for the interior is dashboard covers. You will need this to protect your car from UV rays that destroy the dashboard and its color. Besides protection it also offers a great look.

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