Everybody gets Xenon headlights

There is no mistake when saying that HID xenon headlights are the new trend in car lights. This is not a luxury car feature anymore, now many cars have xenon HID installed from factory.

The light made by xenon headlights is white and bright and is designed to help the driver increase visibility at night and drive safer.

Despite its use for a lot of years now, many drivers don’t know much about xenon lights or how to take advantage of them and replace the old headlights.

So, let’s learn a bit about xenon bulbs.  In the past only luxurious cars benefited of such technology, but today the comparison between halogen and xenon is simple. Compared to the yellow, fade light produced like the halogen bulbs, the light produced by xenon bulbs is white, much alike the daylight.

There is no filament with the HID xenon headlights. Instead, there is ballast that makes a spark, and this spark ignites the xenon gas, in the end producing light.

You can really feel the advantage of having xenon installed on your car if you are a night driver. You will enjoy a safer road because the headlights will reveal any obstacle from a very great distance. It’s actually a light 3 times more powerful than the light produced by halogen bulbs.

And besides, now everybody can have them installed. All you have to do is change the old halogen bulbs with new, xenon ones, because they are perfectly compatible.

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