Find out what custom kit you like for your truck

Today many online accessories stores offer kits that can include the items required to customize a truck for adding additional features. There are truck body protection kits, suspension lift kits, lightning systems; all being delivered to your place after you make the order.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase your truck body kit.
    They come in many materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, and urethane and can be designed especially for your truck. The kit contains air dams, roll pans, side skirts, rear skirts, fiberglass fenders, fiber hoods, lamb doors plus many others, and all you have to do is to prep and paint them.
  2. Buy yourself a cab roof lightning kit or a running lights kit. The base on some kit is die cast and others are plastic or pressed metal. This makes them easy to adapt to flat or curved roofs.
  3. You can save the truck from a lot of vibration and bumps by purchasing a suspension kit with shock absorbers.
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