Know the difference between Xenon and LED

Everybody uses flashlights, considering that they can be found many types, sizes, colors, prices. Like medical flashlights that are installed on the tips of a pen or on top of helmets. But what matters is what the flashlight is used for and the light it makes.

Now the light they make depends if they are Xenon or LED. So let’s see some of the differences between them.

Xenon is actually a gas. It is used like in the incandescent bulbs, it helps the wire inside the bulb that is heated to produce light but it also helps it not to catch on fire and burn.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The light is produced with a semi conductor and a source of energy. They are known to be more durable because they don’t shatter when dropped and also more energy efficient. The LED is becoming very popular because the low power needed to produce light and because they are more long -lasting.

Although it is your choice, it is obvious more efficient to use the new innovative LED lights, because of its long-lasting, more durable and brighter light. As a plus, they are said to be lasting almost 50000 hours. This makes them a best choice for campers.

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