Know what to look for when buying HID or Xenon headlights

– Number one is the compatibility. Make sure what you buy fits your car’s model.

– Be careful for companies that say their kit are easy to install, but instead are not.

– Usually a 2 year warranty means lower quality brands, because a strong brand offers up to 15 years of warranty. Besides be careful that all parts are included in the warranty.

– Try to obtain free transport. Many companies lure you with low prices but actually charge you a lot for the shipping.

– Look where the manufacturer has its warehouse. To avoid waiting a month or two, choose a manufacturer located in your country.

– If you see their customer service is lame, then don’t bother anymore. It means low quality.

– As the years go by, HID technology evolves. Although some producers still make old tech with great problems. What you want is SLIM ballast, because of their smaller size and great reliability and durability.

– Don’t get fooled by fake companies. Make a lot of research about the company you buy from to know it is worthy.

– If you want more light buy a 55W that is a bit expensive and lasts less.  The economic option is a 35W. Just make sure the decision fits your car.

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