Learn about mud flaps

Not only are they a useful accessory protecting the truck from dirt or slush, but mud flaps also serve as a blank slate where drivers can plaster their personality. There are a lot of classic images used on mud flaps, like “the mud flap girl”, Yosemite Sam”, “Daffy Duck”.

After one commercial featuring the 2006 Superbowl staring “the mud flap girl” and Yosemite Sam, driving in a Honda Ridgeway the authorities wanted to ban both characters because they thought it was unethical.

The law wasn’t approved and you can use what character you want on your mud flaps.

Big manufacturers know that accessories like mud flaps are big money makers so they offer customized mud flaps by your own preference and taste, offering protection and at the same time sowing people who you are.

It seems custom mud flaps work very well for companies. They seem to have noticed that they are very effective as advertising tools. They proudly display the company name and telephone on the mud flaps creating an image that stays in the mind of people who see the advertisement.

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