Learn to customize a semi-truck

Customizing isn’t just for cars. You can see that there are now about 2 million tractor-trailer rigs in the US, making this a huge opportunity to sell accessories for this type of vehicles. Even though there are trucks run by companies there are a lot owned by individuals who want to express them through the looks of their truck.

Follow these steps:

  1. Think of an available budget and an overall style. To make this correctly, you can check with a trucking magazine or local shop. You can see there all the available pieces and models to make a good idea about what’s available on the market and at what prices.
  2. It’s better to choose performance upgrades and popular items like for the looks, sound and performance you can choose exhaust and performance mufflers. Taking into consideration the intended use of the truck and available budget you can choose aftermarket turbos, modified exhaust manifolds or performance clutches.
  3. The part that is seen by the population is the exterior. So get a custom paint job or custom wheels or chrome work. You may include with the style bumpers, fenders or mirrors.
  4. Now search interior upgrades like customizing the flooring, or matching the exterior color scheme with the dash panels. Also electronics have a great impact, like DVD players or stereos.
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