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Learn to customize a semi-truck sleeper

Learn to customize a semi-truck sleeper

Tuning and customizing

A sleeper is a cabin which provides a space to sleep, eat and lounge for truck drivers. They are mounted on semi trucks and help the driver save some money with travel expenses. If you want to customize a sleeper you will find a lot of materials and technology.

Follow these steps:

  1. Customize the floor and walls first. Choose between leather, vinyl, cloth or paneling for the walls and hardwood, carpet or diamond plate aluminum for floors. Try to keep the same color scheme in the interior and exterior. For more storage space add shelves and custom doors in the walls. You can make yourself a clothes closet and also add them key-locks for security.
  2. Choose your sleeping accommodation depending on your preference. If you are a husband-wife team, you can choose the full-size bed. Or maybe a bunk bed or a typical sleeper. When you eat and lounge it would be more convenient to have a fold-up bed.
  3. Choose your tools for food preparing like a refrigerator and microwave oven. You will need a power inverter to convert to your appropriate voltage the battery power.
  4. Semi trucks have TVs and DVD player created specifically smaller in order to occupy less space and consume less energy. To handle the vibrations of the travel take an equipment built
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